REVADD Front loading SNAP LOCK poster frames provide a time saving solution to your sales promotional needs. Our poster frames allow your message to be updated quickly without dissassembly. Graphics can be changed and re-used continually, reducing your printing costs. All products are available TAMPER RESISTANT for extra security of your graphics against vandalism. A special opening tool is supplied for tamper resistant models.

The single sided 20mm or 32mm poster frames can be permanently or temporarily wall mounted or used with diffuser acrylics to modify existing lightboxes. Double sided models are available for ceiling or wall frame suspension or suspension within various styles of free standing, portable footpath and foyer stands. All products are manufactured from long lasting aluminium finished in the anodised or powercoated colour of your choice. Custom made to your size requirements with a diverse range of backboards, including Velcro receptive materials and cleaar protective overlay sheets. Optional external spotlighting systems available. Poster frames can also be supplied with graphic inserts and changeover sets.




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